Loans for pensioners without guarantor.

Let’s see how to receive a loan for pensioners without guarantor. What are the required requirements, what options are available, and finally how to request a free quote and subsequently request the financing we need.

Very often a requirement required when we are looking for a loan is the presentation of a guarantor, that is, a person who knows how to guarantee precisely our ability to repay the loan. If we do not have the opportunity to present someone who guarantees for us to the bank, many times it is particularly difficult to have access to the credit we need. Let’s find out how it is possible to receive funding anyway, especially for retirees.

Loans for pensioners without guarantor: what alternative guarantees?

We assume that the bank is absolutely not willing to lend money to anyone who may not return it. In this regard, to avoid being too permissive and paying the consequences in terms of insolvencies, the requirements are far too restrictive. Among these there is always the possibility of presenting a guarantor, who in case of non-repayment by us, will take charge of the missing installments. An option that can be useful for those who do not have other guarantees, but if you do not have the opportunity to present the signature of a guarantor?

In the case of retirement loans, this is not a big deal. The reason is to be found in the profile of the pensioner himself. The pension that is paid every month by Social institute is an excellent guarantee for the bank regarding the repayment of the sum that we will request. For this reason, if you are retired, you will not have to worry about looking for a friend or relative willing to act as guarantor.

All you have to present when applying for the desired loan is the last pension slip. This will obviously also depend on the amount to which you can have access, which will be proportional to the net income received each month. So you will have no problem in receiving the loan you need, with the only restriction represented by the fact that you must be less than 75 years old when applying for the loan.

The maximum duration of the loan will also depend on the age of the customer, who must also take out insurance with the bank to protect the latter. Thus, you can count on the best loans for immediate retirees ever, also facilitated in the timing.

Loans for pensioners without guarantor with assignment of the fifth

Loans for pensioners without guarantor with assignment of the fifth

We have said, therefore, that pensioners represent an excellent profile for banks to which they can make loans without too many problems. One of the products that are mostly offered to the elderly who need funding to be received quickly, is what is called the assignment of the fifth. How does it work? Let’s find out in detail.

By assignment of the fifth is meant a form of loan in which the repayment installment never exceeds the fifth (20%) of the net pension received. This feature is very important, as many times the repayment installments that we have to pay every month are a huge problem. If a fifth is deducted from the monthly pension, our economic capacity is not affected too much. For this reason it may be convenient to choose the assignment of the fifth if we are looking for a loan.

Another advantage of this product is represented by the fact that it can also be accessed with the disability pension and that the installments that we have to pay every month for the repayment of the sum anticipated by the bank, will be withheld directly from our pension. This means that we will not have to worry about paying the installments within the set due date, with the risk of paying dearly for any delays.

To apply for a loan with a transfer of the fifth, what we will have to present to the bank will always be the last pension slip. Based on the amount of our net monthly income and the maximum duration that we can request, the maximum amount to which we can have access will be calculated.