Debt loan – for people with a bailiff?

Bad financial situation can hit everyone. Sometimes one oversight of payment of a utility bill or a ticket is enough and our name may appear in the debtors’ databases. They want to deal with the financial problem, a loan for those in debt can come to the rescue.

The worst-case scenario appears when we get a letter about a bailiff’s execution. It is only at this point that we are aware that we have not managed to deal with debts. Unfortunately, more and more people have financial problems and do not know how to get out of them. And yet each of us cares to live peacefully without a bailiff on our heads. A debt loan is a good solution for such people.

Debt loan – what it is it?

Debt loan - what it is

When we have many loans on our account and we can’t get another one, we grab every lifeline. Unfortunately, the number of people who do not pay their financial obligations on a monthly basis is growing. We are getting more and more indebted and we are falling into a spiral of debt .

For people who are not good at finances, banks offer a consolidation loan, while companies that are not banks have a debt loan without guarantors. A loan for those in debt is for people who have several outstanding loans and do not know how to get out of this problem.

We can save ourselves with financial help from family or friends, but what if we don’t have anyone to borrow from? Debt loan with a bailiff is a product for people with entries in the BIK, KRD, ERIF databases and with bailiff attachment. Thanks to it, we can combine many non-bank loans into one, thanks to which the loan installments will be smaller than before and the repayment period will be longer.

Debt loan from BIK can help you get out of financial problems. All you have to do is go to a loan company that already has such a product in its offer and agree on individual repayment terms with them.

Debt loan – what conditions must I meet?

Debt loan - what conditions must I meet?

A loan for debtors with a bailiff is support for people who thought that a few unpaid loan installments were nothing. However, in this case, the creditor is ruthless and at all costs will want to get his money back to us as a penny, and most importantly, on a pre-determined date. The word ‘deadline’ for loan agreements is very important. We signed a contract so we agreed to the terms.

If we have a stable source of income, a debt loan is just for us. For this type of support, we need to have monthly account receipts. We will also often have to provide confirmation of these receipts in the form of an extract or confirmation from the boss.

Another condition may be our history in BIK. Non-bank companies can get us into debtors’ bases. Not all non-bank products perform these activities, but you must be aware. Bad BIK does not prevent us from receiving a positive decision. In such a situation, we will probably have to check whether we can pay installments from the remuneration received.

If there is a bailiff on our bank account   or the debt collection department is trying to recover the debt, then the loan company will require more documents from us. Debt loan for very indebted has the fact that the larger the debts we have, the more formalities are ahead of us. If they want to get a loan with a large debt, we may be asked to provide collateral – this is often the property because it has the greatest value.

When to take a debt loan?

When to take a debt loan?

When we have a problem with paying off one loan, we can write an application for paying off the debt in installments . Many lenders agree to this, but you have to come out with this initiative yourself because the creditor does not know what the current financial situation is.

Having a problem with repayment of several loans, we should apply for a debt loan. Remember that a loan company just as much as you care about paying back the commitment and if you meet the conditions there will probably be no obstacle to the positive acceptance of your application. All you have to do in a difficult situation is not to break down and talk to the loan company about the problem. And it’s even better not to allow such a situation, although in many cases we have no influence such as: illness, job loss or accident.

Debt loan – is it worth taking?

Debt loan - is it worth taking?

We have reminded you many times to take loans carefully. Before we take out a loan without BIK, let’s think about it and calculate whether we can afford it. Maybe the offers of free loans are tempting, but it should be remembered that it is free only if we give the money back within the set deadline – usually 30 days with payday loans. After this date, we are already exposed to high interest on the loan.

Even a debt loan carries a risk because the total cost of the loan increases. The fact that the loan company goes hand in hand by reducing installments and extending the period does not mean that it does not earn anything. That’s why we have to take loans carefully!